May 3, 2021
Since their initial description in 19481, small DNA fragments travelling in the non-cellular component of internal bodily fluids and excretions have revolutionized numerous fields in public health and preventive medicine2,3,4,5,6. Although its origins have been a topic of controversy, cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is generally thought to arise from cellular breakdown mechanisms but also through active...
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transcriptome alterations
Karen Gambaro, Maud Marques, Suzan McNamara, Mathilde Couetoux du Tertre, Zuanel Diaz, Cyrla Hoffert, Archana Srivastava, Steven Hébert, Benoit Samson, Bernard Lespérance, Yoo-Joung Ko, Richard Dalfen, Eve St- Hilaire, Lucas Sideris, Felix Couture, Ronald Burkes, Mohammed Harb, Errol Camlioglu, Adrian Gologan, Vincent Pelsser, André Constantin, Celia M.T. Greenwood, Sabine Tejpar, Petr Kavan, Claudia L. Kleinman,...
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