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Dr. Bill Evans, MD, FRCPC

Consultant for Exactis

Dr. Bill Evans is a medical oncologist and former healthcare administrator who directed cancer centres in Ottawa and Hamilton and served as the Chief Medical Officer and VP Clinical Services at Cancer Care Ontario. Currently, Dr. Evans is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Oncology, McMaster University and Ontario Health (CCO)’s Clinical Advisor on Smoking Cessation. He has published over 290 publications in peer-reviewed journals on various aspects of lung cancer treatment, smoking cessation, health services, and the cost and cost-effectiveness of cancer care. Dr. Evans is helping Exactis develop its platform for Real World Evidence (RWE) research. One of the challenges of Precision Oncology is the evolution of patient sub-populations, some of which are of low prevalence. Assessment of novel, targeted anti-cancer medicines in smaller population cohorts demands innovative study designs and capture of data from multiple databases. Dr. Evans brings his experience as an oncologist, healthcare administrator, and expert in health technology assessment to the development and design of RWE projects.