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Innovation Exactis est heureuse de vous partager un article sur l’oncologie de précision et nôtre initiative PMT disponible sur et imprimé dans l’édition d’avril 2019 du magazine Maclean’s, dans le cadre d’une campagne spéciale Mediaplanet « Advancements in Cancer Care & Rare Disease. »

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« Precision oncology is about selecting the right drug or treatment for the right patient at the right time. Exactis Innovation is a pan-Canadian network helping Canadian cancer patients and their clinicians do just that. Since December 2015, the Personalize My Treatment (PMT)™ initiative has been enrolling cancer patients into a registry that captures the patients’ medical history and the molecular and genomic characteristics of their cancer.The ultimate goal of the network is to increase the number of precision oncology trials in Canada and to match patients in the registry to these trials. Solving the challenges of matching patients with the right treatment in the clinical research setting will not only attract more trials but importantly, will create greater access for Canadian cancer patients to novel targeted treatments. »

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