Gamer, podcaster, clinical trial assistant: the employee behind our new podcast.

galina exactis
Gamer, podcaster, clinical trial assistant: the employee behind our new podcast

Galina Pogossovas primary role at Exactis is as a Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA). In this role, Galina assists
the clinical operations team in updating and maintaining documentation relating to clinical trials. Research is a driving interest for Galina, something she is passionate about not only in her work, but in her free time as the producer and co-host of her own popular podcast.

« A few years ago, a game called Bloodborne was released by FromSoftware for the PS4. Bloodborne is a Lovecraftian horror game and one of its themes centers around research ethics. Being someone who loves research, as well as cosmic horror, I naturally gravitated toward this game. Long story short, I teamed up with a friend (a researcher who also loves Bloodborne), and we started a podcast talking about this game’s themes soon after it’s release. » said Galina. She and her co-host analyze video games through the lens of their professional experience and knowledge of scientific research. While she has found success in her niche, she notes some challenges, « I think as a small content creator, the hardest part is finding time to make content with few resources. The best part has been building a community and a safe space for a lot of incredible people. »

In this way, Galina has found a way to combine her love of video games (her favorite is Fallout) with her love of research. « I like working in research because I’m making a difference in someone’s life. Even if I’m just a tiny drop in the ocean, I still feel like I’m contributing to something that could make the world a better place. »

We’d like to thank Galina for her hard work not only as a CTA, but as the producer of our new podcast, What’s with RWE?, which is now available on our YouTube channel.

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