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22 Novembre 2022

Conférence IARC nov 2022

Plenary themes under which authors will submit their abstracts:
• Registries, research and health policy


Maud Marques 1 , Karen Gambaro 1 , Vincent Normandeau-Babin 1 , David Bouffard 1 , Ethan Hoang 1 ,
Suzan McNamara 1 , the Exactis Network, Gerald Batist 1,2 , and Kostas Trakas 1 .

1 Canadian National Centers of Excellence-Exactis Innovations, Montreal, Qc, Canada; 2 Segal
Cancer Centre-Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Qc, Canada.

Background: Cancer patient registries and associated clinical data collection represent an
emerging trend to understand the impact of disease on the population, identify contributing
factors, and assess disparities in cancer incidence and outcome. Also, longitudinal clinical data
collection enhances the understanding of patterns of care. Exactis Innovation (Exactis) is a
Canadian not-for-profit Business-Led National Centers of Excellence organization. Exactis has
established a unique standardized digital cancer patient registry called “Personalize my
Treatment” (PMT) active at 16 hospital sites across 5 Canadian provinces.

Methods: Exactis has agreements executed with the hospital sites within its network that permit
dedicated PMT Coordinators to enroll patients in PMT and collect longitudinal real-world data
(RWD) in a standardized secured online database. Through the PMT portal, patients across the
country can be identified, selected for eligibility criteria, contacted, and enrolled in studies. Also,
access to imaging scans, biospecimens, and other information from patient medical records can
be collected retrospectively or prospectively for research purposes.

Results: PMT has over 7,900 participants enrolled to date. The main cancer cohorts enrolled
are breast, colorectal, lung, prostate, melanoma, and ovarian and, to a lesser extent,
endometrial, head and neck, bladder, sarcoma, kidney, and pancreas. Information collected
includes demographics, cancer type and history, events of progression/recurrence, diagnosis,
tumour resection, treatment sequences, and biomarkers.

Discussion and Conclusion: Exactis has established a pan-Canadian network and a cancer
patient registry able to provide the capacity and a tremendous value-add resource to gather
RWD, that reflects the full diversity of Canadian oncology patients. The Exactis’ Network can be
leveraged to bring a higher level of certainty on the clinical benefits of new agents in a real-
world population, as well as support new indications and highlight treatment gaps.