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Our History

​Founded in 2014, Exactis Innovation (Exactis) is a non-profit organization that has concentrated its efforts on building a strong and agile research network for personalized medicine in cancer centres across Canada. It has secured approximately $32 million in stable and long-term funding to achieve its vision thanks to partnerships with the federal government, the biopharmaceutical industry and research organizations.

At the core of the network is the Personalize My Treatment (PMT) initiative, a unique Pan-Canadian digital cancer registry able to store patients' detailed genetic and molecular data through their disease trajectory. Exactis aims to facilitate the recruitment and matching of patients to precision oncology clinical trials and provides expertise in the development and management of clinical and translational biomarker-driven longitudinal trials.

Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


At Exactis, equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are an integral part of our culture and mission. EDI are tangible values for us! Thus, Exactis has developed an EDI strategy that was approved by its Board of Directors to enhance EDI values within its workforce, PMT research network,  the composition of its research and scientific committees and Board of Directors.


As part of our EDI strategy, Exactis has distributed an Employee Self-Identification Survey which is designed to collect information on the Exactis workforce.


The Exactis model promotes EDI in creating a diverse PMT patient registry through the implementation of inclusion criteria that permit the consent of adult patients of all genders, ethnicity,  cultural diversity or patients with disabilities.


We are committed to share and communicate the Exactis  EDI strategy  with our research network, clinical partners, pharma and the scientific industry with the goal of enhancing equity, diversity and inclusion awareness.

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