Personalize my Treatment (PMT) is an active pan-Canadian cancer patient registry that collects clinical and molecular patient data and forms the core infrastructure for matching sub-populations in precision oncology research. The PMT registry also captures real-world data for real-world effectiveness in precision oncology.

What We Do

At each Exactis network site, dedicated PMT Coordinators enrol participants, collect de-identified data from medical records, facilitate biospecimen collection, assist in the return of results and patient recontact for study participation. 

Access to retrospective and prospective medical records can inform study design by streamlining patient identification and accelerating trial recruitment, assessing real-world data, biomarker prevalence in Canadians and longitudinal treatment patterns.

The PMT registry meets a growing need for biopharmaceutical drug developers to investigate new precision treatments in patient populations carrying specific molecular profiles in their cancer. Study sponsors can leverage faster and simpler patient pre-screening and enrolment for rarer cancer populations.

PMT Registry

The PMT registry is presently active at 16 cancer centers in our Network. Five federated Network next-generation sequencing (NGS) labs within the Network cancer centers supports the PMT registry.

Patients are recruited to PMT through their cancer care institutions. The program focuses on cancer sub-populations of clinical research interest and high unmet medical need.

Patients participating in the PMT registry, consent to:

  • Have their longitudinal clinical and molecular data collected
  • Share their biospecimens for profiling and analysis
  • Be re-contacted if they become eligible for a clinical trial or an approved therapy based on their characteristics of their cancer
  • Be followed through their disease trajectory

Our Approach to Precision Oncology

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