IARC Nov 8-10 conference 2022

Exactis’ PMT registry offers invaluable insights into disease impacts, disparities, and treatment patterns. PMT, a standardized digital cancer registry, spans 16 hospitals across 5 Canadian provinces. This comprehensive data, inclusive of demographics, diagnosis, treatments, and biomarkers, underscores the registry’s potential to enhance our understanding of oncological trends in Canada, ensuring more accurate evaluations of clinical benefits and treatment gaps in the real-world setting.


Exactis presented this multi-center observational study that aims to assess the Oncomine Precision Assay (OPA) against the standard of care in detecting genomic aberrations in NSCLC patients. The primary objective focuses on the detection rate of specific genomic aberrations, while the secondary examines the clinical utility of OPA results in guiding treatment decisions. Initiated in May 2021, this study enrolled 100 participants across six Canadian sites.

Copy number and transcriptome alterations associated with metastatic lesion response to treatment in colorectal cancer

This study delved into the genomic adaptability of metastatic lesions in response to first-line systemic therapy by analyzing longitudinal liver metastatic samples for copy number aberration (CNA) and its transcriptomic effects. Notably, a majority of CNA regions linked with PFS were exclusive to metastatic lesions, emphasizing the criticality of examining metastases in clinical contexts.