Scientific Affairs

The fundamental component of precision oncology is the capture of response biomarkers and molecular signatures enabling patient matching to precision medicines. Scientific Affairs is comprised of 5 standardized next-generation sequencing laboratories supporting PMT, clinical and translational projects.

What We Do

Stratify patients, assess pharmacodynamics, and explore biomarkers. Through our partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific, our Network labs are standardized and validated on the Oncomine Comprehensive Assay v3. Exactis is committed to innovation with a collaboration with ThermoFisher to establish within the Exactis Lab Network a novel assay compatible with FFPE as well as liquid biopsy samples allowing detection of aberrations in the most prevalent and potentially relevant cancer driver genes in all solid tumor types (Exactis-01 study).

As part of the testing infrastructure, our Network labs provide flexible analysis using various platforms to determine patient eligibility for clinical or translational studies.

Biomarker data is collected on the specific molecular profile of tumours or blood of patients who have consented to be contacted for participation in clinical studies relevant to their tumour profile. This provides clinical researchers with expedited access to potential study participants.

Our Services

Exactis has a coordinated approach to biobanks so patients’ samples can be rapidly identified and sample prep and procurement efficiently performed.

  • High-quality clinical biospecimen collection and biobanking
  • Design and execution of translational strategies to support the identification and discovery of biomarkers and molecular signatures
  • Guidance on platform selection based on scientific questions and resources.
  • Access to OMICs platforms through the network per project requirements or needs
  • Beta site for testing/validating new NGS panels (Oncomine Precision Assay, Oncomine Comprehensive Assay Plus)
  • Generation of molecular profile reports 
  • Return of molecular profile reports to clinicians
  • Analysis and integration of multi-OMICs data and bio-informatics
  • Expertise in the development of scientific reports, publications, and funding for grants