The TRICIA Study, a research project pairing molecular data with artificial intelligence, was awarded funding of $1.6 million this week by the Biopharmaceutical Research Consortium CQDM, the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation of the Government of Quebec, and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Dr. Mark Basik of the Jewish General Hospital, the Principal Investigator of the study, will collaborate with Exactis’ Personalize My Treatment patient registry and My Intelligent Machines (MIMs) to gain critical insights into Triple Negative Breast Cancer, the most aggressive form of breast cancer. The study will seek to determine which women will benefit most from chemotherapy after breast surgery. To answer this question, blood and tumor samples from patients identified through Personalize My Treatment will be analysed using the latest molecular testing methods, and the massive biological and medical data will be integrated by MIMs using their artificial intelligence expertise.

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